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Eating, sleeping, order and hygene is what we focus on"

All day English class
All day English class

In the Llar 2 English class we work on habits just like in all the other classes. Learning how to sit upright at the table, learning to put on our bibs, take them off and put them in the basket after finishing lunch!

Finishing everything on the plate, using a fork and spoon in a clean way, and trying all the different types of food.

Hygene habits are very important to us. Washing our hands after playground and always before lunch, using a serviette to clean our mouth. Going to the toilette independently, using paper and flushing the chain. We get  used to these good habits from this young age, promoting their sense of autonomy and therefore satisfaction and self-esteem.

We get used to going to sleep by ourselves. After lunch, we go back to the class, go to the toilette, take off our shoes and lie down. It's the same routine every day. We learn to be independent and it gives us a sense of security!

Tidying up is a very important part of our daily routine. After finishing each activity, we always tidy up our toys. We do this singing a song “The clean up song”. We make it into a game, making it fun and a very important part of our play. It is giving us the basis for the future virtue of “order”.

All these habits and routines are establishing the  foundations for the development of strength of character in our children.We encourage to keep working on them for years to come, as aquiring these good habits will turn into virtues in the future.

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  • All day English class
  • All day English class
  • All day English class